Frequently Asked Questions 


Q. What is the process from start to finish?

A.  After the initial phone consultation, we set up an appointment to meet and discuss what you’d like to see on the wall and the ideas I have.  Once the ideas and price are settled, we pick a day or days to do the project.  A 50% deposit is standard at the start of the project, and the other 50% upon completion.  I guarantee you’ll be completely thrilled with the finish project, and even provide free minor touch-ups for the following year.


Q.  How do you price your murals?

A.  Every mural is custom-designed to fit your taste and budget.  Pricing for any mural is determined by the size and detail of the project.  Two similiar projects can vary in price depending on how much detail you want. One project could be $295.00 and a similiar one with much more detail could be $395.00. Good communication is the key here.

Consultation is free.